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 t9 4 piece bonus spec

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PostSubject: t9 4 piece bonus spec   06/01/10, 03:15 am

if you have the t9 bonus you should be using this spec:


the glyphs you use are disease,dark death,ghoul

with this spec your object is to get your str to the highest peak you can reach. imo use darkmoon card greatness and mark of supremecy. then you can replace the darkmoon card with deaths choice eventually... but the whole trick with this spec is to go through yoru rotation once which woudl be

icy touch/plague strike/scourge strike/bloodstrike/bloodstrike/

dont use any runic power just yet.... at this momment at the end of yoru rotation your 2 piece bonus will be procced yoru darkmoon card/deathchoice will be proc'd and your sigil will be proc'd... so directly after you go through yoru rotation one time you will want to blow your mark of supremecy which instantly adds 1200 ap. so if you are 25 toc gear you will be around 9k ap at this moment all your runes should be cooled down so go back through your rotation and reaply the diseases so there is 9k ap diseases on the target. so you will be doin

icy touch/plague strike/scourge strike/bloodstrike/bloodstrike/

that you got the high diseases you will want to keep them refreshed at the end of every second rotation you will hit pestilence which will keep the 9k ap diseases on the target even though you arent sitting at 9k ap those diseases are.

so after you go through your second rotation of reaplying the high ap disease you will blow your gargoyle and then a deathcoil if you have enough runic power... in this spec you dont use dirge so your not getting the extra runic power but in this spec that extra runic power just makes you wanna use death coil more then needed only thing it is really used for is to add another disease for your scourge strike to proc another 25%.

if you understand this you will know what im saying with this rotation

IT/PS/SS/BS/BS/cooldowns/IT/PS/SS/BS/BS/GARGOYLE/DC if possible/(SS/SS/BS/PEST/DC/SS/SS/BS/BS) repeat that last step till the boss is dead

you now have learned how i made it possible to do such high dps this whole time... i have now switched specs due to t10 gear so you guys just now getting your t9 bonus this thread might help you out nicely
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t9 4 piece bonus spec
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